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8 Sustainable Travel Necessities for Eco-conscious Travellers

Traveling is a great way to discover the world we live in and experience different culture, but the booming tourism industry results in massive problem with the environment. From the heavy pollution caused by traffic to the many plastic-wrapped amenities we use on the road to the waste produced at the hotels we stay in, travelling can have some negative impacts on the environment. Luckily, there are innovative products that take advantage of natural and sustainable materials to reduce waste and minimise the impact we as travellers have on the planet. Skip the single-use plastic and disposable products that increase our carbon footprints. To help you out, we put together a list of useful eco-friendly travel accessories and products you can bring and use during your trip.

Reusable coffee cup

Travel and takeaway coffee tend go hand in hand. A cup of nice coffee is essential to soothe the stressful waiting time at the airport or train station. While you may assume that takeaway coffee cups are recyclable, most single-use coffee cups contain a thin plastic lining. In fact, the UK alone throws away 2.5 billion coffee cups each year and less than 1 per cent of these are recycled. Switching to a reusable coffee cup is a great way to cut your plastic footprint, and lots of coffee chains now offer rewards to customers who do this. For example, you can try bamboo fibre coffee cups, which is BPA free and completely biodegradable.

Tote bags

Plastic bags contribute significantly to the pollution of our oceans and landscape – so stop using them. You can store one tote bag in every single one of your travel bags, just in case you forget to pack one. Tote bags can be used to carry your shopping from the market, store your items when you go to the beach or as a casual day bag when you explore a city. If you’re looking for a smaller and more permanent solution for your handbag, get one of these foldable bags that fold down into a tiny square-sized pocket and keep it at the bottom of your bag at all times.

Bamboo toothbrush

In the US alone it’s estimated that nearly one billion plastic toothbrushes end up in the landfill each year. This is far too much excess plastic waste that can be easily prevented with a switch to a more environmentally friendly toothbrush. Try this Travel Toothbrush Set consisting of 4 natural bamboo toothbrushes and a travel toothbrush case. The handle of the toothbrush is composed of rapidly renewable bamboo and the soft bristles are made from BPA-free nylon. Make the switch today and start your steps towards a more sustainable environment.

Solar charger

Finding a reliable way of charging your phones and other gadgets can often be a major hassle for travellers on the road. Solar chargers mean you can keep all your devices full of juice, without having to rely on a mains power supply, or a battery – while using a sustainable source of power. With a high capacity battery pack, the Anker PowerPort Solar charger makes sure you have enough power during your trip – that’s one less thing to worry.

Organic stuff bags

Complete your packing technique with organic stuff bags. They will make your packing a lot faster and easier. With these organic stuff bags at different capacities and sizes, you can easily organize everything in your suitcase.  Small size for phones and cosmetics, medium size for books, iPad and toys, large size food, clothes and shoes. With a drawstring cord, you can knot to secure your stuff and make sure everything inside will not lose. These bags are made of natural cotton, which is eco-friendly, durable (perfect for long-term use), lightweight and biodegradable.

Reusable utensil set

When you’re on vacation, you will likely be eating out at restaurants, maybe taking food to a park, or back to the hotel. Make sure you always have a set of reusable, eco-friendly cutlery to use so you don’t have to resort to plastic ones. This Reusable Cutlery Travel Set is made with durable and sustainable bamboo, which is a fast-growing, non-toxic, recyclable, and BPA-free. Take these with you so you can easily refuse flimsy single-use plastic utensils when offered.

Solar-powered lamp/lantern

Camping is an awesome way to enjoy your holiday. Hiking, surfing, mountain biking, windsurfing, kayaking… the options for adventure on a camping trip are limitless. As one of the most important equipment for camping, when it comes to camping lantern, you can choose a more eco-friendly option by choosing solar-powered device. Have a try of this Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern: it is compact, inflatable, solar powered, waterproof, rugged, portable, and eco-friendly. You can use it to light your table for dinner and path to the campsite’s toilet or as a nightlight for reading.

Reusable Straws

In many countries water or soft drinks and cocktails are served with single-use plastic straws. With a recent push to eliminate single-use plastic straws, there are now many reusable drinking straw options on the market. You can choose from bamboo made, silicon, or stainless steel. They may require a bit of extra care and washing and may require replacing at some point, but It’s an easy and inexpensive way to have a positive impact on the future of the environment for our loved ones.

yansun8 Sustainable Travel Necessities for Eco-conscious Travellers

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