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How Eco Friendly Are Bamboo Products?

Bamboo has recently become a popular alternative material for many products —from reusable coffee cups to towels and even flooring — mainly because of it has been considered as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional wood. There are a lot of amazing qualities of bamboo that really stand out when compared to other materials:

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth

Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant. Bamboo is grass and can grow to full size in just 3-4 months, compared to standard trees which can take 30+ years to grow. When you harvest bamboo, you aren’t killing a plant, you’re basically just mowing your lawn. This makes it a super sustainable alternative due to its naturally renewing properties.

Bamboo is good for the environment

Bamboo plants absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than their wood counterparts. Bamboo plants have strong roots in the ground which makes the soil more stable. This means it can stabilise and restore the land and prevent landslides. In addition, with proper care, your bamboo products can be reused and wood from bamboo are biodegradable in nature as well.

Bamboo is strong and durable

Bamboo is one of the strongest materials on the planet and is named as the new ‘green steel’ for its versatility and strength in construction. Bamboo has a strong, natural fibre that has shown to be superior to similar materials, especially wood. It doesn’t break as easily as wood when bending it to form into various shapes and the amount of material needed to produce a sturdy product can be much less than woods.

Bamboo is safe and hygienic

Bamboo fibres are naturally anti-bacterial without needing any toxic chemical treatments, all thanks to its antimicrobial bio-agent called ‘bamboo kun’. This prevents bacteria and fungi to grow on bamboo products making it the perfect plant for naturally hygienic products such as bamboo straws and cutlery, keeping them sterile and fresh. Bamboo fibre is soft, gentle, and safe for even the most sensitive skin. Bamboo is also UV-resistant and also protects your skin from moisture with its natural wicking properties

Bamboo products provide so many benefits other materials can’t. Each time you purchase bamboo plant products, you not only create a better, more sustainable lifestyle for yourself, but also help to create a sustainable world for generations to come. Make the change today and switch to sustainable earth-loving bamboo products. We can all make a difference and create a positive future for our planet.

upfitadminHow Eco Friendly Are Bamboo Products?

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