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How to Have a Green Christmas? – Top Tips for a Sustainable Holiday Season

The holiday season is one of the busiest and fun-filled times of the year. It is the time when all the family members come together and enjoy the season. Well, while some people across the world are planning for a white Christmas, you can work differently and celebrate a green Christmas. With this, you can make a huge difference to the environment. So, how to do that? Well, here are some tips that can help you to enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas this holiday season.

Choose your lights carefully

You all know that stylish Christmas lights are a major highlight. But using large light displays can increase your electricity bill. So, it is advisable to use LED lights as they consume around 80 to 90 percent less power. Besides, you can also go for solar-powered lighting options.

Send e-cards

Instead of sending letters or mail cards, you can opt for e-mails and e-card. This way, you can save your mailing expenses as well as save paper. Besides, by this, you can also lower the carbon footprints.

Decide what type of tree to use

Well, here you will get two options. You can go for the natural Christmas trees or trees made of plastic. However, for a eco-friendly Christmas, you can use a natural Christmas tree. But, prefer to purchase it from a local Christmas tree farm. If you already have a tree made of plastic, then instead of buying a new one, reuse the old tree.

Create natural ornaments or decoration items

Most of the Christmas ornaments are made of plastic or glass. This holiday season, avoid these things and try to create ornaments on your own. You can easily find many DIY Christmas decoration videos online. Watch then and create now.

Utilize recycled fabric or paper for gift wraps

Prefer not to use wrapping paper or rolls that have non-recyclable elements, for example, plastic, foil, or glitter. You should use compostable gift wrap. Well, they will really look beautiful under your Christmas tree, and you can also decorate them.

Give eco-friendly gifts

You can consider offering homemade or eco-friendly gifts to guests or family members. You can go for energy-saving products, homemade pottery, painting, baked food items, woodworking projects, handmade ornaments, and more. If you want to buy gifts, then make sure that they are made of recyclable material.

Reuse the decorations

Rather than throwing the items, you can recycle the Christmas tree and your natural decoration items. You can reuse them for the next holiday season and save your money.

It has been seen that many people prefer to go big for Christmas or holiday. During such times, you will never fail to find a house with a lot of decoration. But this time, you can make your holiday season and Christmas unique and memorable by opting for a green Christmas. All you need to do is make some changes and follow the tips mentioned above, and you are ready to go. Instead of spending money on excess decoration, designer clothes, and food, spend the time with your family and loved ones.

yansunHow to Have a Green Christmas? – Top Tips for a Sustainable Holiday Season

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